Message From The President


Large scale immigration from South Asia has been instrumental in bringing traditional ethnic flavors into mainstream. There are not too many geographic areas where foods of different countries or regions are not to be found on the same platter. Traditional foods have long been associated with different ethnic groups, being an integral part of their culture and have a unique place in diets of the consumer. We, at Nanak Foods, have taken up the challenge of finding ways to reproduce 'authentic' flavor and texture of traditional dairy foods while translating these to more mass-produced items.

While the sensory attributes continue to linger in the minds of the people, the old technology fast becomes unattractive in the modern manufacturing and marketing context. Our team at Nanak Foods are committed to the search for excellence and strive to bring to the astute customer the authentic tastes from India and around the world. Total satisfaction of the customer is our motto. We have recently made a major investment in infrastructure at our production facilities. Employing innovative technology, quality control of the highest order and a professional approach, we do our utmost to source and procure quality ingredients to manufacture products of superlative quality and shall continue to do so.

With best wishes,
Gurpreet Arneja
Punjab Milk Foods Inc.