Our Company

Punjab Milk Foods Inc. (Canada) is the largest federally approved Indian dairy in North America that specialises in Indian dairy & food products.We are a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union (EU) approved facility.


Twenty years ago, one fine afternoon over lunch, Gurpreet Arneja and Vineet Taneja enjoyed an intriguing conversation on the topic of Paneer, and the time-consuming task of making it. Little did they know at that time, two decades on, they'd be running the largest Indian dairy in North America, specialising in paneer, appetizers and desserts. An exemplary community leader supporting local and international organizations, today, Nanak Foods is a socially responsible company supporting a diverse range of charitable, arts and culture initiatives.

Back in 1997, Gurpreet was an instructor at Kwantlen College in Surrey, and up for the Dean's position; Vineet was a manager at Future Shop on Broadway, Vancouver. Both were destined for something else. A few more discussions prompted the two to visit India to learn how the fresh cheese is made. Returning home armed with a wealth of knowledge and practical skills, Nanak Foods' first product, paneer, was born on May 28, 1998- coinciding with the birth of Vineet's son. With production underway and three valuable employees – the two founders were still working full-time at their day jobs! They opened a full-fledged dairy in a 2,000-square-foot facility, creating the most quintessential product, paneer, to cater to the South Asian community. Ready-made paneer equaled much needed convenience. Following the success of Nanak's paneer, the entrepreneurs added ghee to the line-up, and began sharing their products with an appreciative audience by way of Surrey's local ethnic grocery stores. By 1999, Nanak Foods started shipping across Canada, but they weren't done yet. The millennial year 2000 brought their first foreign shipments and now Nanak Foods exports to over 15 countries, including Dubai, Australia, Singapore, and Japan.


As the company grew, so did its commitment to social responsibility. Since 2004, Raj Arneja has directed Nanak Foods' philanthropic, community and social obligations. Today, she has made Nanak Foods an exemplary community leader - a socially responsible company supporting a diverse range of arts and culture initiatives both at home in Canada and across the globe.


In the summer of 2018, Nanak Foods opened its second paneer factory, across the border in Bellingham, Washington. What began as a dream shared by two people is now a reality for more than 250 employees and their families. Nanak Foods has managed to put the most delectable Indian food products on grocery shelves around the world. Indians living abroad will always be able to have a taste of home. Together, they have crafted fresh ingredients into great-tasting products, providing authentic Indian flavours from their families to yours. 'Nanak Foods - A Symbol of Purity' is more than just a slogan. It's their promise.